Professional Window Cleaning in Leyton E10 with Steve's Cleaners

Are your windows getting dirty once again? Do you prefer not to spend your free time on cleaning windows, but on something more meaningful instead? Steve's Cleaners in Leyton are here to give you the solution. Call 020 7846 0214 and hire a team of friendly window cleaners Leyton!

Why Choosing Steve’s Window Cleaners in Leyton E10

The window cleaning team is specially trained the latest techniques and works only with purified water which prevents dust particles from sticking on your windows.

  • The team always brings along all its equipment – van where our water tank filled with purified water is mounted
  • We clean all windows!
  • We clean PVC frames!
  • We wipe PVC sills if reachable!
  • We use a water fed pole cleaning system on the outside, and a ladder and squeegee on the inside.
  • For windows above the 4th floor, we send a trained team of climbers.
  • Service is available for all household and commercial properties.
  • When we are ready with your windows we can clean your gutters and patio as well

The window cleaners at Steve's Cleaners in Leyton are fully insured, vetted and checked. The team is gathered from locally based professionals, so in that way, we can keep the travel costs for ourselves. The prices are always final without any agency fees. You can always get a free quote before making a decision. Even more, you can save money by booking window cleaning service along with our gutter cleaning and get a various discount.

How We Do Our Job?

Steve's Cleaners in Leyton DO NOT use any chemical products on your windows. The technology used to make your windows shine is all about the natural properties of pure de-mineralized water. Yes, the natural property of water to pull in every piece of dirt it comes across. Here’s how it works:

  1. Upon arrival, we start with the outside. We use a water fed pole method to wash the windows up to the 4th floor.
  2. The tank will pump purified de-mineralized water from the brush head.
  3. By moving the brush around simultaneously, the window gets cleaned by the dirt.
  4. Later, more purified water is sprayed to rinse.
  5. The window will then dry naturally, and since there was no detergent used, there will be no soap residue.
  6. Internal windows will be cleaned with a squeegee and a ladder.

Order Window Cleaning Leyton E10!

You can hire the window cleaning services Leyton at any time of the day, by calling 020 7846 0214! Get your questions answered and have a free no-obligation estimate. You can also use the chat feature, or fill in your details in the online booking form.

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