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If your carpets don’t look like they used to a few years ago, or if there are dried stubborn stains all over, then you’re in need of professional help. Steve's Cleaners in Leyton are here to help you with this delicate problem and make your rugs look as good as new. One call to 020 7846 0214 is all you need, and the local cleaners will give you a hand, no matter the size, condition, or type of your carpet.

 Our Carpet Cleaning Methods in Leyton E10

After an initial inspection of your carpet, we will take into consideration the type of fabric, and based on that will decide on the cleaning procedure. We use a few basic ones, such as:

Method 1: Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Steve's Cleaners in Leyton use hot water extraction on all synthetic and wool carpets. This method has proved to give the most thorough clean while also refreshing and rejuvenating the carpet. Here is how it is done:

  1. After a quick inspection, the cleaning specialist will hoover the carpet to get rid of free particles.
  2. Next comes pre-treating of old dried stains with a family-friendly cleaning solution.
  3. A tiny nozzle sprays hot pressured water into the carpet while the treated spot is simultaneously vacuumed.
  4. Then, 95% of the moisture is extracted, along with all the dirt.
  5. The carpet will dry in the next three hours on an opened window.

Method 2: Carpet Dry Cleaning

The special dry cleaning method is used on more luxurious carpets, which are often sensitive to water, and tend to shrink. We start the carpet dry cleaning process by:

  1. Hovering the carpet to remove loose particles.
  2. Pre-treating old stains with an Eco-friendly detergent.
  3. We sprinkle absorbing powder on the whole carpet.
  4. Then, with a special machine, we will scrub the powder off along with all the dirt.

Carpets used to contain lots of germs which can cause different health problems. They need to be regularly cleaned in a proper way so to keep you family safe. Also, you can save money and efforts if you decide to combine this service along with end of tenancy cleaning or domestic cleaning. Steve's Cleaners in Leyton will give you the high-quality carpet cleaning you deserve!

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Call 020 7846 0214 and book your carpet cleaners. Our polite phone operators will answer all your questions and give you a free quote upon request. We are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks. If you prefer not to use the phone, you can fill in your detail in our request form right here on the website, or use the chat feature in the lower right corner.

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